Top Benefits Of Marketing Consultants For Small Sized Businesses
Custom Marketing: Top benefits of Marketing Consultants

Top Benefits Of Marketing Consultants For Small and Medium Businesses

​Let’s face it, as small and medium sized business owners we can all use another smart, experienced set of hands on our business. But exactly how can experienced on-demand marketing consultants benefit your business? Here we list 9 possibilities to help you pinpoint where you might best use that extra pair of trusted hands.  
1. To handle specialist marketing tasks
Perhaps you have a new product launch coming up, need a fresh look for your brand, or you’re being squeezed by the competition – but you don’t have the specialist expertise in place to succeed or the budget to bring on extra staff.
2. To turn problems into opportunities
Ever heard the expression ‘A problem is an opportunity in disguise’? Most innovations or new business practices are born out of adversity but sometimes it takes an outsider to unlock them.
3. To bolster the team and not the overhead
Do you have a headcount cap? Are you reluctant to spend time and money hiring, training, and then compensating when your longer term needs are unclear? Short term marketing consulting assignments could be the answer.
4. To provide impartiality and diagnostics
Tired of internal politics hampering decision-making or judgments based purely on gut feel? Outside consultants have no axe to grind and they can tap into research to objectively recommend the best course or action based on experience and insights.
5. To light a fire
Stuck in a rut? Is growth flat lining? Lacking the organizational drive and urgency to champion a new initiative? Tackling these issues is hard and even promising starts can run out of steam due to the distractions of day-to-day business.
6. To educate
If you’re baffled by marketing, scratching your head about how to launch a new service, or wondering how to create and test new advertising creative then you might not have the luxury of time to educate yourself.
7. To “break eggs”
As the expression goes, ‘you can’t make an omelet without breaking some eggs’. Change is necessary but isn’t always easy and the doing the right things can be very unsettling for an organization.  Experienced consultants are accustomed to working outside of comfort zones and can help steer a path through such minefields.
8. To create a new business
Sitting on a killer idea but haven’t had time, resources or knowledge to pursue it? Don’t live with regrets. Consultants can scope out the market, develop a smart go-to-market plan, assist with a full business plan, and then help with execution and management. There are many moving parts to consider and pitfalls to avoid making the whole thing seem overwhelming.
9. To unlock new revenue streams

Your business might already be in great shape, with a growing customer base, strong reputation, and increasing brand awareness. Consultants can add further value by identifying and unlocking new revenue streams such as licensing your brand, product line extensions, and international expansion.
If any or all of this sound good to you, then, go for it!  Please just be wary of agencies with big offices, multiple assistants, gourmet coffee and snacks for you…these nice trappings ultimately all get billed to your account!  If controlling your expenses while maximizing benefit is important to you, hire experienced pros with a lean organization.  Go ahead and ask a few simple questions to understand their overhead and you’ll quickly understand all you need to know!

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