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Top 5 Resources for Marketing Your Indie Film

Hello Indie Filmmakers!  

Since you’re a clever and untiring bunch, you already know where the best (and free!) templates, tutorials and how-to-vids are located!  When you’re ready to have tangible marketing tools created for you by pros to help the world see your film, then look below. 

As you connect with folks below, we recommend you make sure you’ll be working directly with the principal at the agency vs. a more junior and less experienced team member.  But, if you’re ok with a less experienced person, that’s cool! Just make sure any quoted price is adjusted in your favor. The first few resources listed below are Los Angeles Film Marketing Companies.  Good luck! 

-The Team at Custom Marketing

Based in Los Angeles and o​perated by Jason Brubaker, prolific content including distribution and marketing content.  Phone coaching / consulting available at $600 per hour.​
Site description:  ​The website includes filmmaking articles on how to take a story idea from script to screen, including articles on scriptwriting, producing, film finance, shooting, editing, directing, marketing, distribution and how to build an audience and much more.

Based in Los Angeles, they offer filmmakers an array of marketing services from Strategy and Branding to Publicity and Outreach.  
Site description:  IndieMarketing provides strategic business-to-business marketing and business development, connecting all facets of Entertainment – Themed Entertainment, Film/TV, Entertainment Technology. With over two decades of experience, Tracy Balsz has the connections, know-how, and skills to open up new business verticals, establish relationships, and brand businesses with success. Hands-on strategy, planning, and implementation, IndieMarketing does it all. 
Many ​services offered and one on one consulting starts at $150 for 30 minutes.​  ​
From the site:  ​ I’ve been working in the film industry for over 25 years. I have worked on over 1000 feature films, shorts, commercials, music videos, and documentaries. I’ve had a front row seat to the inner workings of finishing, marketing and selling hundreds of independent films over the course of my career.  
Many free resources, fee based training courses, and opportunities to book 1:1 consulting. 
From the organization:  ​All components of film production and marketing are available. Raindance is dedicated to fostering and promoting independent film around the world. Founded in 1992, it combines Raindance Film Festival, film training courses, and Raindance Higher Education. Our training courses are at the heart of the Raindance structure, aiming to give individuals the tools to start shooting their film, and covering screenwriting, production, directing, and virtual reality. Moreover, Raindance has developed three fully accredited Higher Education Film Programmes, becoming the only major film festival in the world to offer higher education.
Visit the advertising section where there are links to over 200 Film and TV Marketing services available to you with varying price points and specialties.​  ​
From the organization:  ​With film and video content more popular than ever, we help connect businesses with the creative professionals needed to make content to delight your target audiences. No matter what ​g​oals you want to achieve, we’ll help you find the qualified professionals and resources you need to make your ideas become a reality – anywhere around the world.

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David is an experienced marketing executive and partner at Custom Marketing. He's run marketing campaigns in the US and across the world, living over 10 years in both Europe and Latin America. His decades of experience building marketing plans and campaigns for companies such as Warner Bros and FOX, allow him to work quickly with clients to get them real results. David has a BA in International Relations from UCSB, an MBA from Boston University and is fluent in Spanish. He lives in Los Angeles with his wife, 2 kids, and his pug Luna.

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