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Step 1 For Every Business


How many times have you heard someone ask you for advice on their business: “What should I do”, they ask? We hear that a lot, and honestly when we ask them what their business objective is we are surprised with how often there is no clear answer to that question!  We believe a successful business starts with a strong foundation that informs all business and marketing decisions.  This is step 1 in the Marketing Strategy process.

Step 1 for every business should be to establish a clear and measurable Objective outlined in writing.   This is key to holding ourselves and others accountable and to provide clarity of purpose and direction.

And ONLY then do we set up Strategies (or building blocks) that directly support each objective.  Oh, and by the way, Facebook is not a strategy. It’s a tactic used to support a broader strategy you have in place!

When setting the foundation, the following points are developed in specific detail…

  1. Understand company mission
  2. Define marketing objective/s
  3. Set broad marketing strategies to support objectives

The added benefit of having these objectives and strategies as part of your plan is that they are always there for you to refer back to when you inevitably face a challenge in the market and you need to make sure you stay on course.

About the Author David Hutchin

David is an experienced marketing executive and partner at Custom Marketing. He's run marketing campaigns in the US and across the world, living over 10 years in both Europe and Latin America. His decades of experience building marketing plans and campaigns for companies such as Warner Bros and FOX, allow him to work quickly with clients to get them real results. David has a BA in International Relations from UCSB, an MBA from Boston University and is fluent in Spanish. He lives in Los Angeles with his wife, 2 kids, and his pug Luna.

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