Are you ready to distribute your movie or TV series but don't know how?

We'd like to help. 

A Team You Can TRUST

We draw upon a combined 40 years marketing experience working for 20th Century Fox and Warner Bros. 

The team has managed the world's biggest movie and TV franchises, smaller niche projects and everything in between.

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We Provide Customized Services
For Filmmakers, Including...


- Developing your funding strategy, pitch deck creation, pitching, negotiating 


- Developing your distribution strategy, pitch deck creation, facilitating meetings, pitching, negotiating


- Developing your launch campaign, optimizing budget, managing tactical campaign elements (eg. PR, digital)


- Developing/refining your website, sizzle reel, social media content, ads, bios, other collateral materials 

Professionals at YOUR Service

Every project is unique and filmmakers' objectives are too.

We understand the entertainment industry, so we will assess your project honestly and give our opinion for your next step. That might be a recommendation to secure funding via sponsorship or to pursue a sale to a global distributor like Netflix or niche channel like NatGeo.

Video marketing has changed significantly even over the past 12 months, so let us help you win in 2019.

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The BEST Marketing You Can Get For Your Media Project

Experienced Studio Professionals

Your team will consist of professionals with an MBA or Masters in Marketing and a combined 40 years in the entertainment industry. 

Media Focused

Our specialists focus only on the business of filmed entertainment media, offering you a depth of knowledge.

Modern Video Marketing Here For You

If you choose to self-distribute, marketing and PR is your only path to profit.  Our team is Google certified with Fortune 500 experience to help you get there.

U.S. Based Team

We offer the best marketing that money can buy and do not work with overseas suppliers where language barriers and quality of work can be problematic.

Can you answer all of these questions?

  • What is MY objective for MY project?
  • Should I self distribute?
  • Is my project right for an streaming platform like Netflix?
  • Does my project have global appeal?
  • How much is my project worth?
  • Do you have a roadmap for distribution?
  • Are you prepared for international distribution?
  • Who is my audience?
  • How is my project different?
  • What is my marketing plan?

Still not sure?

Here's What People Are Saying About Us...

Richard is a true professional in every sense of the word, and he is going to be successful as a leader in whatever role NewsCorp decides to put him in.

20th Century Fox - David Littlewood, VP Sales 

His expertise in digital marketing, intimate understanding of international markets and ability to design well-integrated campaigns delivered impressive financial results for the studio's most profitable franchise, Harry Potter.

Warner Bros Entertainment - John A, VP Global Marketing

I couldn't be happier with the outcome of this project. Their skills and creativity were exactly what we needed to secure our monetary goal.

Amoeba Music - Jim Henderson, Owner

Richard proved resourceful, strategic and on-the-money. He built strategic partnerships both within and beyond Fox, so that the Studio could fully maximize its properties. I highly recommend him.

20th Century Fox - de Guise Vaillancourt, VP Marketing

I would thoroughly recommend them.

Holmes Moriarty - Simon Clark, President

I have collaborated both as co-workers at Fox and later on the agency/client side. In both worlds, I have always been impressed by his deep product and entertainment knowledge.

Mob Scene - John Zaffarano, President

Prefer to do it all yourself?

for funding & for distribution

A great pitch is critical to getting your film or TV project funded and distributed.
You really have just one shot.

Both Pitch Decks V2

Each pitch deck includes...

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  • Exclusive formula for pitching your project to investors or distributors
  • 42 page document (PowerPoint & PDF versions)
  • 14 instructional pages for building your winning pitch deck
  • Full pitch deck example (fictional project)
  • Pitching tips and links to useful resources
  • Free email support
  • No recurring fees
  • 14 day money back guarantee

Limited Time Offer...
Get instant access to both for just $99!

100 Satisfaction Guarantee

Simply email us within 14 days of purchase.  We want customer satisfaction and will refund 100% of your purchase fee. Try it now, you have nothing to lose!

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