During your film's 3 key stages we will deliver the following...


  • 2HR KICKOFF STRATEGY SESSION - We have this to make sure we understand the goals for your film and these goals drive everything we do. You would be surprised how many people don't spend time on this critical step or are unable to articulate their goals. Where possible we define measurable goals. After all, how else will you know if you have been successful?
  • EXPERT MARKETING FOUNDATION - The strongest buildings are built on a solid foundation and it's the same for Marketing campaigns for films too. To this end, we scope out the market and conduct research to help formulate a winning positioning and target audience for your film.
  • PROFESSIONAL GRADE PRELIMINARY CORE ASSETS - We will create a suite of essential assets for your film that will help you get funded, get distributed, and create buzz among the target audience during the development and production stages. These preliminary assets include key art, synopsis, logline, and title treatment. If you already have assets available then we will provide an impartial and objective appraisal. If we think there are opportunities to make improvements then we will let you know and we can even develop assets for you.
  • WEBSITE BUILD - This is the hub for your movie online and it's valuable owned media so it's important to work well across different platforms (especially mobile) and project the right messages. If you already have a website we will provide an impartial and objective appraisal. If we think there are opportunities to make improvements then we will let you know and we can even develop the website for you (optional, extra cost). Our websites include: 1) Mobile-responsive design, 2) Links to your social media accounts, 3) Social media sharing Integration, 4) Custom domain name, 5) Newsletter opt-in forms, 6) Mailchimp newsletter connect and setup if needed, 7) Search Engine Optimization, 8) Thorough built-in website analytics, 9) One hour post-mortem and usage tutorial
  • TEASER TRAILER APPRAISAL - You wouldn't believe how much money is spent by the big studios on creating kickass trailers for their movies, which are typically tested before release to make sure they deliver against the target audience. This doesn't mean that indie filmmakers on a tight budget have to break the bank to achieve the same goal but it does demonstrate the value of trailers in positioning the film and generating engagement early on. We will provide an assessment of your trailer and we can even create one for you if necessary.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA PLAN - We will develop a content plan to engage the target audience and maximize buzz through the production and launch stages. 
  • PITCH DECK TEMPLATE (GET FUNDED) - We will provide a self completion pitch deck template to help you raise funding. If you would prefer us to create it for you then we would be happy to do so (optional extra).
  • PITCH DECK TEMPLATE (GET DISTRIBUTED) We will provide a self completion pitch deck template to help you secure distribution. If you would prefer us to create it for you then we would be happy to do so (optional extra).


  • 1HR PROJECT UPDATE SESSION - During this session we will review Stage 1 and discuss any material changes to the project that could affect the objectives, strategies, or tactics, eg. slipped production timing, stunt casting, marketing budget. We will also discuss next steps for Stages 2 and 3.
  • PROFESSIONAL STILLS - The production phase can be quite a chaotic time even for smaller films and we've found that collecting quality images can be overlooked or considered a nice to do. However, these assets become invaluable for the marketing campaign, particularly in the very visual online space where fresh engaging content is always helpful. Don't let this golden opportunity to capture highly leverageable unique content featuring cast, crew, and locations pass you by.
  • VIDEO CONTENT MARKETING PLAN - Capturing behind the scenes video for your marketing campaign is at least as important as capturing stills. Media outlets and platforms are attracted to exclusive footage that can't be found elsewhere as it helps them compete. Footage can also feed your social media pipeline to help sustain and grow engagement. We will put together a plan for what content should be created, for what use, and for what period of the campaign. If you like, we can also arrange the filming of such content (optional extra).
  • FINALIZATION OF CORE ASSETS  - With production now underway you will have more filmed content from which to tighten up your core assets. We will provide an expert appraisal of your proposed final assets and recommendation if we think there are opportunities to make improve and we can even develop assets for you. 
  • SPLIT TESTING OF CORE ASSETS AGAINST TARGET AUDIENCE - Ultimately, it's what the target audience thinks about the assets that's most important. So, we will place the proposed final assets into tests to optimize the creative and messaging. This is a best practice taken directly from the big Hollywood studios, however, we do it at a tiny fraction of the cost.
  • CAMPAIGN CALENDAR - There are many moving parts to a film marketing campaign and to maximize both impact and return on investment it's vital to have a launch calendar covering pre-launch, launch, and sustain campaign phases. We will lay out and coordinate all the campaign elements for maximum effect. We've done this successfully for countless movies!
  • PR PLAN AND EXECUTION - PR is an important part of creating buzz around a film, whether it's to arrange a launch event, run a press junket or write/distribute a press release. For your film, we will utilize specialist film PR resources to maximize interest and positive coverage amongst relevant media and influencers, primarily via a professional pitch kit (press releases, stills, bios, clips, interviews), press release distribution, and outreach to relevant media and influencers. We can also coordinate events such as screenings and premieres (optional extra).
  • SOCIAL MEDIA PLAN EXECUTION - We will execute the plan, including creating profiles for your film on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter and posting content that will engage the target audience and reinforce the positioning. 


  • 1HR PROJECT UPDATE SESSION - During this session we will review Stage 2 and discuss any material changes to the project that could affect the objectives, strategies, or tactics. We will also cover next steps and requirements as we move into the critical launch stage where the film gets monetized. 
  • Optimize website for sales and data collection
  • SOCIAL MEDIA PLAN EXECUTION - We will continue to execute the plan, including managing profiles for your film on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter and posting launch content that will engage the target audience and convert them into viewers/advocates of the film.
  • AD CREATION - We will use our experience developing countless ads for film and TV series launches to create up to 5 ad concepts designed to generate awareness and positive purchase intent for the film.
  • AD RESEARCH - We will setup the 5 ads for split testing to establish which ad concept performs best (ie. lowest cost per result) against the target market. If the result warrants further analysis then we will field qualitative research to gauge opinions on specific questions, eg. why do you prefer this concept? 
  • AD CAMPAIGN EXECUTION - The most cost effective paid media type for indie film campaigns is usually social media ads and that will most likely (but not always) be our recommendation. We will set up the best performing ad concept and run it across one or more platforms and ad networks, including Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. We will use micro-targeting to ensure maximum ROI.
  • $1000 AD SPEND - Included in our package is $1000 ad spend. This does not prevent you from spending more and we may recommend a higher spend depending on your objectives.
  • PR PLAN EXECUTION - We will continue to ramp up our efforts (as per plan) for maximum impact to create a mini event around launch date.
  • WRAP REPORT - Our comprehensive wrap report will include an appraisal of what worked well, what didn't, key statistics (eg. sales from website, website activity, social media account activity, ad performance), and media coverage. We will be available for Q&A and to discuss any other assistance you might need. 

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