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Marketing Research as a Long-Term Investment


You don’t have to speak to a small business marketing consultant to know that Marketing Research is a cornerstone of all Fortune 500 company marketing departments. And now, like never before, best-in-class Marketing Research tools are very accessible to our small and medium sized businesses.  This is so important in the context that Research is no longer an option for us as we compete in a data driven marketplace.  As specialists in growing small and medium sized businesses, we invite you to consider that any money spent on Research is a true long-term investment in your business.  Apply it to a variety of decisions from defining target audiences to pricing and creative decisions and move forward with confidence.

We are Marketing Consultants in Los Angeles that work with small and medium sized businesses that want to be bigger than they currently are.  We hope this short video assists in making strategic marketing decisions surrounding an investment in Marketing Research.

About the Author David Hutchin

David is an experienced marketing executive and partner at Custom Marketing. He's run marketing campaigns in the US and across the world, living over 10 years in both Europe and Latin America. His decades of experience building marketing plans and campaigns for companies such as Warner Bros and FOX, allow him to work quickly with clients to get them real results. David has a BA in International Relations from UCSB, an MBA from Boston University and is fluent in Spanish. He lives in Los Angeles with his wife, 2 kids, and his pug Luna.

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