Why Your Small Business Needs A Marketing Plan Now

Why Your Small Business Needs A Marketing Plan Now


Why Your Small Business Needs A Marketing Plan Now

Marketing Plans are indispensable and used by the best companies to keep a laser focus on stated objectives so that business results can be achieved.  Small business owners allocate money for marketing based on an expected ROI.  Marketing plan benefits are covered in the above 2-minute video and we invite you to take a look so that you can determine for yourself how a custom marketing plan, developed by you or a Marketing Consultant in Los Angeles or elsewhere, will deliver you a strong return!

How much does a Marketing Plan Cost you might ask?  Costs to develop marketing plans of course depends on a few important factors, and please take into account that small business marketing consultants might be better equipped to develop a plan for small business, vs. a high-cost consultant that has little experience developing plans for companies that operate on ultra-lean marketing budgets.  -Pricing for a full marketing plan can range from $5,000 – $25,000 depending on 2 main factors:

  1.  Who will complete this plan?  Is it an agency or consultant with little real-world experience? Or a seasoned business executive that understands marketing strategy and how to turn plans into profits.
  2. Custom Marketing Plan or a Marketing Plan Template?  Template marketing plans can be done quickly by small business consultants for the reason that they are all largely the same and “copy and paste” sections are the norm.  Other consultants utilize a custom marketing approach to marketing plans where each plan is truly different, just like every business.  Expect to pay more for a Custom approach which as can be expected, is a better investment in your long term business.

All marketing plans aren’t created equal, and we would suggest to any small business that a quality marketing plan is a long term investment in your company’s success.  Given the amount of challenges small businesses face, it’s money well spent.

About the Author David Hutchin

David is an experienced marketing executive and partner at Custom Marketing. He's run marketing campaigns in the US and across the world, living over 10 years in both Europe and Latin America. His decades of experience building marketing plans and campaigns for companies such as Warner Bros and FOX, allow him to work quickly with clients to get them real results. David has a BA in International Relations from UCSB, an MBA from Boston University and is fluent in Spanish. He lives in Los Angeles with his wife, 2 kids, and his pug Luna.

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