Is A Marketing Consultant Worth The Money? 3 Quick Questions
Custom Marketing: Is A Marketing Consultant Worth the Money

Is A Marketing Consultant Worth The Money? 3 Quick Questions

“Do It Yourself” Marketing is a reality!  Great tools that allow us to create and execute marketing campaigns are literally at our fingertips.  In spite of this ease of use and free flowing information, marketing can come to a screeching halt when indecision paralyzes those in charge of executing the campaign.  We get it!  It can be tough to choose the right path with so many options!  If you’re an experienced marketer, you might not need a consultant.  But, if you’re finding yourself stuck more than you’d like, a consultant might be the best investment you make to give your small business momentum in 2018.

1.  How many hours have you spent Googling or reading books about marketing, and how much is that time worth to you in dollar terms?  Are you happy with your results?  Try to quantify your value per hour. Then, put a value on the time you've spent focused on non-core elements of your business.  Then ask, how much revenue could I have generated if I'd spent that time pursuing new clients/customers?

2.  Are you a true expert in your business, but not an true expert in marketing your business?  (Would you like a true marketing expert to build you a plan for results?)  Did you get into business to be a marketer? If not, then stop playing marketing executive and get back to doing what you love and generate money for your business

3.  Do you feel like you're a Marketing and Business handyman doing a little of everything, possibly burning out while doing this, and not focusing on your core business?  Focus and specialize on what you do best and what you love!   Your competition is.  It's easy for entrepreneurs to move to what's needed next (Consumer Marketing Strategy) but in doing so missing the bigger picture and losing opportunities (and time!) to generate new business

If you’re leaning towards hiring a Marketing Consultant to assist with your marketing, check out this guide before you make a decision: [LINK to MUST ASK QUESTIONS BEFORE HIRING A SMALL BUSINESS MARKETING CONSULTANT]

About the Author David Hutchin

David is an experienced marketing executive and partner at Custom Marketing. He's run marketing campaigns in the US and across the world, living over 10 years in both Europe and Latin America. His decades of experience building marketing plans and campaigns for companies such as Warner Bros and FOX, allow him to work quickly with clients to get them real results. David has a BA in International Relations from UCSB, an MBA from Boston University and is fluent in Spanish. He lives in Los Angeles with his wife, 2 kids, and his pug Luna.

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