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Find And Convert More Leads

Find And Convert More Leads


The best marketing companies in Los Angeles and around the world will advise to find and convert more leads to customers requires an understanding of who your customers are to best determine where they spend their time online.  Customer contact is a part of the marketing plan that when executed well integrates trust and quality at each touch point.

  1. Do you know all of your customer touch-points?
  2. Do you have a plan to engage and ultimately convert prospects into customers?

Customer contact encompasses every type of interaction the business has with existing or potential customers, which could be advertising, customer support, online shopping, newsletters, sales events, etc.

The goal here is to make every touch point a positive experience that will reinforce the brand values and ultimately lead to revenue growth.

It’s really important for businesses to identify every possible customer contact interaction and design a plan to maximize these opportunities.

To develop a robust customer contact plan we recommend the following steps…

  1. Review marketing goals, target customer segments and profiles
  2. Identify all path-to-purchase stages and interactions
  3. Provide strategies and tactics to maximize engagement and conversions at each stage
  4. Plan and develop the marketing assets necessary to execute those tactics
  5. Execute 12-month calendar to coordinate elements and maximize impact of the plan
  6. Determine your key performance indicators (KPIs), whether it’s conversions, phone calls, email addresses, sales etc over a set time period.

Think about Customer Contact as getting your business RIPPED!

About the Author Richard Dewhirst

Rich is a highly skilled marketer and passionate entrepreneur who loves to solve problems and grow things, whether it's brands for global companies like Mattel, Pizza Hut, and 20th Century Fox or high value customers for local startups. Rich hates exams but he somehow managed to get a BA in Business Studies, a Masters in Marketing and is Google certified for Analytics and Adwords. Did I mention he's a partner at Custom Marketing and pro-photographer?

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