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Essential Marketing Tools For Your Indie Movie 1

Essential Marketing Tools For Your Indie Movie

Let’s be honest here. Marketing movies is not rocket science. Studios have templates to do it. Their marketers are on treadmills turning out exciting tools, and then use them appropriately to influence consumers: Our team knows because we were marketers at major studios for decades.

Not unlike the job of any skilled journeyman, the right tools are needed to do the job well. Poor quality tools will more typically deliver a lower quality result. No tools?  Just wait to do the job until you have them.

The analogy is not perfect. But it’s good enough. Any indie filmmaker that wants to generate awareness and ultimately sales for their movie needs the right marketing tools. These tools don’t have to be the most expensive, but the essential tools must be in place, and they must support the movie as a compelling piece of art worth seeing.  Proper “support” requires strategic and creative standards that rise above the glut of “let’s see what sticks” content that’s everywhere.

The entertainment space today is so competitive that any movie requires basic quality just to break through the array of DIY offerings. Ask yourself if you’ve invested in the tools to do the job. If not, be honest with yourself and set expectations of how likely it is that the people will engage in, or even be aware of the project you worked so hard to create. 

Remember, developing great tools does not have to break the bank.  And in today’s democratized marketing environment, you the Filmmaker can do lots of the sales, influencing and legwork.

Our team has marketed the largest scale global campaigns for major movie studios. We have also worked on home entertainment releases with ZERO advertising spend.  In each case however, there is a bare-bones list of the most basic tools needed to get the job done.  

Here’s a list of basic essential tools to compete in today’s ultra-competitive entertainment landscape.  With these assets you can go far on your own and DIY the hell out of pitching and marketing your movie. We’ve broken this down into 3 stages with associated tools required at each stage.

  • Stage 1:  Development:  Key art, Website, SEO, Social media plan, Key Milestone Calendar, Pitch deck (Get Funded), Pitch Deck (Get Distributed, or self-distribute if you prefer), Sales Sheet
  • Stage 2: Production:  Trailer, Trailer Testing, Professional Still Photos, EPK, Content Plan
  • Stage 3: Launch:  Press Release and Tools, Optimize website for Sales and Data Collection, Ad creation, Advertising testing, Execute Ad campaign, Execute PR plan, Wrap report with key stats

Have budget to pay for these essentials prior to beginning each phase and no need to hire advertising and PR specialists until you are ready to put your film into the marketplace.  That being said, budget permitting, a little help from a publicity and marketing professional to fine tune overall strategy during the development stage will always help. 

Best of luck and let us know if we can help or if you have any questions.

The Team at Custom Marketing