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5 Simple Steps to Winning Marketing Content


5 Simple Steps to Winning Marketing Content

If we don’t use the right marketing content at the right time for the right people then we are wasting time and money.

But what is Marketing Content exactly, and how do world famous brands, profitable small businesses and top Marketing Consultants in Los Angeles and beyond create it?

Marketing Content refers to the assets (often digital) required to support all the elements of your marketing plan. It includes things like ads, promo videos, images, eBooks, infographics, newsletters, and pitch presentations.

It’s a critical component of the overall plan because assets must be consistent with the brand look and reinforce the brand values while engaging the intended audience with a compelling message.

When developing marketing content we recommend taking the following steps…

  1. Review marketing plan to determine your content needs
  2. Create a brief for the required marketing content assets and have a designer provides options
  3. Oversee creation of marketing content assets and make sure it all stays on time and on budget
  4. Test content to ensure it engages your target audience
  5. Refine the content as required to improve results

Follow these 5 simple steps on how to win marketing content to ensure you’re spending time and money wisely on creating and deploying the most effective assets.



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